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Track Name: XVII - The Obscene Underbelly
--XVIII The Obscene Underbelly--
Told to lower your head, shuffle along
Words overflow with resentment; spiral from vile tongue
Robbing you of yourself, of your worth
hate made manifest, violence unearthed
The message is clear. The barriers of our society were built to reflect “natural” ideals.
The forced self-censure and fleeting identity, an echo to your unbeliefs
Free the forces long repressed; from the family that shaped me to the institutions that have trapped me
Of walls to ensure no one violates their role, the socially imposed invisibility
slaves to hated control; in ignorance and dependence
slaves to hated control; dominated and repressed
Your biased bigotry cannot constrain and control me
withdraw from a reality that demands silence
one that owns identity upheld by violence
don’t try to ease the tension with a joke;
it won’t be respected and one day you’ll suffocate on your words
Track Name: XIX - Void Manufacturing
--XIX Void Manufacturing--
Forfeit control. You’re just a click away
Accept the screen rapt without reprieve
Sold your soul. It’s all you’ve known
and its all you’ll ever know so do as you’re told
Consciousness released; devoid, subdued and plagiarized
Repressed and organized by lies.
Hungry for need and dying for life
Television//Thought Industry
Track Name: XVIII - Sleep
--XVIII Sleep--
We watched as you sold your flesh for an abstract deity of hollow traces.
How quick you were to forget the need for authenticity.
Empty form replaces reality through fantasy of a public gaze.
Devoid of any content once the curtains raised.
Its complacency that familiarity breeds and we are just as much to blame;
we all sleep and wait for the all abrasive hand of control to surface.
The commodity fetish – an all consuming want for nothing
Track Name: XXII Q. Culture? A. Resist
--XXII Q. Culture A. Resist--
No more hiding, waiting in the dark rendering me docile and weak
Concealing the face of fear you so deeply crave, unable to weep
aloud, to feed your lust. This soul-rotting, desiring machine
has roped me in and bent me to your will
to love what rules, constricts and constrains
No more waiting accepting what is told, what you’ve made me. A cog in the machine
Sterile, standardized to complement the dominant reality
My revenge on you; to break these chains
and leave you hiding in the dark, where you belong
How much control do I allow it inside me?
Track Name: XXIV Trapped in the Mold
--XXIV Trapped in the Mold--
Can you begin to free her, enclosed in the lies of experience?
Baptized of sacrifice and crucifix; a ritual of shame
Analyzed (Individualized) by examination; a number and name
It still remains a constant flow of complex spaces
Ordered time of rules and regulations
Of thought that traps and subjugates you,
Dominates every inch of your existence
Established rhythms imposed
occupations. Trapped in the mold
So much of life spent on your knees.
So much of life spent breaking free,
Track Name: XXI Progress
--XXI Progress--
Wolves in sheep’s clothing the bosses wait impatiently
Eager to show their true skin, restless and salivating green
There is bloodshed in my dreams of pain and suffering
Progress, my own dream that has destroyed me
A punch of the clock – a fleeting hope, quick to forget
A punch of the clock – a stagnate thought another regret
A punch of the clock – betrayed
A punch of the clock – enslaved
Little is my progression to happiness
Time is my progression to nothingness
Just shut up, fall in line and take what you can get
Not dead yet? Until then forever man in debt
Commute, work, commute, sleep, die.
Track Name: XXIII Hexenhammer
--XXIII Hexenhammer—
I am unable to be cleansed for the stain of heresy runs deep
"The soul must be saved" the pyre is now lit.
The tongue is taken; blinded by the twisting of the tourniquet
Ears bored out, lost to everything and unable to express
It has taken root in our minds and eaten into our flesh
Beasts and gods overlap,
Pious words substitute reality to cloud minds.
A Deo rex, a rege lexa
Track Name: XX Modulation
--XX Modulation--
Non-stop regulation, behavior changing modulation
Digital translations, lived reality of representations
Consumption has defined our lives that we’ve sold
to virtual lines of capital flow
Allured by this dying machine
bleeding to death, trapped in the means
Seizing each chance upon exposed throat
value dependent, policing our own
Lashed enforced will to control the flow of deceit:
patience, obedience, domination, defeat
A new religion for a new nation; one country under corporation